Who Needs Marketing Resource Management (MRM)?

This is the official blog for Aprix Solutions, and as it is usual in first blog posts I’d like to welcome everyone who may stumble upon our pages.

By starting this company we are trying to deliver a new form of Marketing Resource Management to marketing professionals across all industries. This means that our intent is to provide easy-to-use online tools for marketers that will help them plan, execute, and evaluate their marketing campaigns and projects. It also means helping them to properly allocate the resources (human, technical, etc.) that they have at their disposal.

Our philosophy is “simplify management, maximize marketing”. We believe in helping marketers focus on doing what they do best (i.e. marketing) while taking off their hands the tedious tasks that usually takes the form of Excel spreadsheets, Word documents, and a myriad of emails.

In this blog we’ll try to share with you what we learn during our journey of providing the best online marketing software out there. I hope you stick with us!

About Daniel Kuperman

Daniel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Aprix Solutions. Follow him on Twitter @danielkuperman.

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