Darth Vader: Marketing Manager?

I had to do a demo once and decided to use a bit of humor. Since I was showing how Aprix Marketing Manager, ourDarth Vader, from Wikipediaproduct, helps marketing managers plan their campaigns and manage marketing workflow, I thought that showing how Darth Vader would manage the Empire’s marketing department would elicit a good chuckle.

Since I showed that first demo I have started showing it to everyone. Everyone knows Star Wars, even if they are not fans, and it makes for a good ice breaker. Also, helps keep the focus of the conversation on the benefits and features instead of on the content that I am showing.

Others have wondered how the meeting to name the Death Star would have gone and comparisons between Vader and Yoda’s presentation style are also out there. Darth Vader even has a twitter account, but a whole marketing campaign? I haven’t seen one.

So what would The Mighty Empire’s Marketing Department be working on? Here are some topics I use during my demo and that we have discussed adding:

  • Crush the Rebels Campaign (includes webinars and print advertising to alert all planets about the Rebel scum)
  • The Jedi Menace eBook (the truth behind the Jedi traitors and how to alert authorities if you spot one)
  • Don’t Underestimate the Force:  Q&A with Lord Vader (PR Campaign)
  • Join Us Or Die Marketing Campaign (includes blog posts, print ads, and email marketing about the benefits of joining the Empire and hinting at what would happen if you don’t)
  • The Power of the Dark Side Webinar (includes email invitation and presentation to be delivered by Darth Vader to help recruit Sith apprentices)

… and we could go on forever when it comes to Star Wars. The screenshot below is what people actually see during my demo. Do you have a marketing campaign or topic you think I should add to my collection of Darth Vader marketing projects? Let me know!

Screenshot of Campaign screen from Aprix Marketing Manager

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