The Webinar Planning and Workflow Guide

Fail to plan and you are planning to fail, goes the saying. Nothing could be closer to the truth when it comes to webinars. Simple from the audience point of view (is just an online presentation, right?) but in reality a very complex operation from an execution standpoint, you know that every detail counts when it comes to doing it right. Leads are at stake!

To help you plan your next webcast, be it a live or archived event we have created a webinar planning guide with a checklist containing the most typical steps taken to get a webinar from planning to presenting and generating leads.

The link below will give you the webinar checklist PDF, free, without registration required. Use it, share it, modify as you wish.

Click here to download the webinar planning checklist and guide PDF.

How to use the Webinar Checklist / Webinar Planning Guide

Once you download the PDF file, open it and print it, hang on your wall or cube. We even left a few blank spaces for you to add your own additional steps to the process/workflow. Distribute to the team responsible for webinar planning and discuss each step to ensure everyone agrees the full process is documented.


We would love to hear your feedback and suggestions of how to make this webinar checklist better! Send us an email at marketing at aprixsolutions dot com.

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