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For a company that was unknown 5 or 6 years ago, is undoubtedly the 100K pound gorilla in the room. And with an appetite for acquiring companies (8 companies within the past 12 months), is also reaching farther onto other branches outside pure-play CRM. As the core of most sales and marketing organizations, users of both departments are heavily dependent upon the data and the features the solution provides and so it only natural that the marketing team will start wondering if there’s anything else they need besides what SFDC (as it is commonly abbreviated) provides. for Marketing

Long-time SFDC users know that the key characteristics of the system are related to its basic function as a Customer Relationship Management product. In other words, leads come in, data is added to contacts and companies, sales opportunities are created, and deals are closed. The full sales cycle is managed via SFDC and sales managers rejoice in the myriad of reports available to track the performance of the sales team.

Marketers also like SFDC for its simplicity and as the center of all customer and prospect data. The problem is that the needs of marketers are not fully met by  a CRM system. Sure, having all kinds of data about the target market is good, but from an execution standpoint SFDC falls short on delivering what marketing needs. Email marketing, Landing Pages, Marketing Automation, and even some basic reporting are key features marketers need.

Wait, you will say. I can create custom pages in SFDC to track marketing projects and even assign activities for my team. Yes, you surely can and I’ve seen many people creating custom pages for all kinds of things and if your marketing organization is small and you are not dealing with a lot of campaigns, it may work very well for you. The problem begins when you have more than a couple of people in your marketing staff and you start having to keep track of multiple projects, exchange files, and pay attention to looming deadlines.

Marketing’s Call for a Extension

How do you track all your marketing campaigns? Assign people to tasks, collaborate on activities, and report back on results (financial and otherwise)? Most marketing departments are still dealing with Excel files and endless email threads., for all its power, is still powerless when it comes to basic marketing project management. That’s why we want Aprix Marketing Manager to bridge this gap. Our customers that also use SFDC for their sales processes realize the limitations of their CRM system and are clamoring for a marketing solution that will give them the tools to accurately manage their marketing projects and make their team more productive.

Can we accomplish this? Contact us and find out!

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