How to Track Marketing Tasks

Tracking Marketing Tasks

“Who is doing what” and “when is that task due” are probably the two most common phrases you hear in a marketing department. Especially a few minutes before a marketing staff meeting where everyone has to discuss progress and update the marketing manager on status of campaigns.

For the marketing manager, knowing what’s happening in her department is more than a routine task, is at the core of her¬†responsibilities. Having to report back to senior management on where the money is being spent and getting support for additional marketing campaigns, the marketing manager can’t afford to lose control of what’s going on.

So if you see yourself in this same situation, walking to a meeting with your marketing staff to get updates and walking out of there with notes that will eventually go into an Excel spreadsheet, we have some news for you. Aprix Marketing Manager gives you the power to see, all in one screen, all your projects, campaigns, tasks, and status of each.

Seeing What Your Team is Doing

When you logon, you see My Tasks screen. It lists all tasks assigned to you with due dates and status. As a manager, you can see tasks assigned to every single user in your team, without having to keep asking for email updates.

Marketing Tasks For All Users Displayed

List tasks by user, or see all tasks for everyone

This way you can quickly judge workload and track what’s going on with campaigns and projects.

Create Your Own Marketing View

Another powerful aspect of using a Marketing Project Management application like Aprix Marketing Manager, is the customization options that are given to users, allowing you to create the ‘view’ you need. This simply means you can change what you see on the screen so that you can quickly focus on the important tasks or projects.

We give you the option to customize what you see on your My Tasks screen, letting you chose to show or hide fields, filter tasks by status, display only project names, deliverable names, or trade shows, and much more. The goal is to give you full control over how you want your (and your team’s) marketing projects displayed.

Customize Marketing Views

You define what you want to see on the screen

Simplifying Management and Maximizing Marketing

Our goal is to simplify your daily management tasks by giving you the necessary tools so that you can focus more on doing marketing. If you have to rely on Excel files, email exchanges, or whiteboards to keep track of what’s going on on your marketing department, then you are wasting precious time. How about next time you walk into a meeting already knowing “who is doing what” and “when is that project due”? That day has already arrived.

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