2011 Marketing Benchmark Released

Marketing Benchmark SeriesBulldog Solutions put together a nice event last week and together with IDC they announced the new results from IDC’s research on Marketing Benchmarks for 2011.

What I liked about the results is that IDC grouped them into three different categories: companies with less than 10 people in their marketing staff, with 10 to 100, and those with 100+. It makes for a much better comparison when you want to benchmark your company against similarly staffed marketing organizations. We all know that if your marketing organization has over 100 people your processes, your budget, your key initiatives and how you allocate resources differs a lot from smaller (1 to 10 people) marketing departments.

That’s a problem I see frequently with other benchmarks and research reports out there where they give you results but down break them down based on how big your marketing department is. Nice going, IDC!

Survey Participants

The research study involved B2B (59%) as well as B2C (41%) companies. A total of 97 companies responded the surveyand the average marketing spend reported per company was $26.8M. I would have liked to see a bigger sample size, but not everyone is willing to spend 30 minutes answering an online survey. By the way, if you’re interested in maybe winning an iPad 2, IDC still has the survey open and (for the time being) is accepting new entries.

The respondents by size of marketing staff were distributed the following way:

IDC Marketing Survey Respondents


Marketing Budget Changes for 2011

According to their research, IDC reported that marketing budgets for 2011 had the following change from 2010:

Marketing Budget Changes

The 41% of marketers reporting that they saw an increase in their budgets compared to 2010 is a good sign, and you may see that in specific industries that have been recovering better than the rest (technology, for example).

Spend and Staff Allocations

This part was one of the more interesting ones, it shows where the budget is being spend on companies with different sizes of marketing departments, and how they are allocating their marketing staff.

The top categories for marketing spend (percent of marketing budget for programs) for small and medium sized marketing departments are:
1-10 Marketing Staff

  • 21% Events
  • 20% Advertising
  • 11% Direct Marketing
  • 9% Public Relations
  • 9% Website and content

10-100 Marketing Staff

  • 18% Advertising
  • 17% Direct Marketing
  • 15% Events
  • 10% Web and content
  • 9% Marketing Sales Support

According to IDC, the biggest budget increase for staff is in product marketing, followed by field marketing. This is true especially on companies with over 100 people in their marketing departments.

From a spend perspective, there has been increases in Marketing Support and Sales Enablement, while Direct Marketing spend has been decreasing, as well as budgets for PR and Events.

Marketing Goals for 2011

Bulldog Solutions shared some data based on their customers, saying that customer acquisition was top of mind for marketing executives. The breakdown of the top priorities for marketing for 2011 are:

  • 69% – Customer Acquisition
  • 19% – Brand Awareness
  • 13% – Customer Retention

Another trend Bulldog Solutions shared was the move towards qualification of leads (marketing qualified and sales qualified leads) and in especial the identification of specific goals for quality. The goal setting is a key move since without understand and sharing common goals for lead quality, sales and marketing won’t be able to get along.

Another interesting data was the move of budgets to online categories. Bulldog Solutions showed the following break down of 2011 marketing spend increases:

Increase % and Category

  • 70% => Website
  • 68% => Email
  • 62% => Social Media
  • 57% => Search
  • 51% => Video

And these are just the top categories.

The benchmark report should be available online within the week. I’ll make sure to post a link to it when it becomes publicly available.

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