A Brief History of Content Marketing

From Jell-O to the iPad, a history of content marketing

The Evolution of Content Marketing

What would you do if your sales were down, merchants were not interested in carrying your product and there was no Twitter, Email, or even no Internet for you to leverage? That’s the problem Frank Woodward faced back in 1904 when his Jell-O product proved to be a disastrous investment.

His last effort was the printing of a huge quantity of Jell-O cookbooks to be distributed by his salesmen throughout the United Sates. The recipe books were given away for free. It was content marketing at its best.

A Brief History of Content Marketing eBook

Stories like that is what motivated us to compile a brief history of content marketing into a free eBook you can download today. This small PDF download walks you through key moments in content marketing history, from the late 1800’s until recent innovations in technology showing us how content marketing was use throughout the past 100 years.

New and Old Content Marketing Stories

Did we miss a great content marketing moment in time? Do you know of an interesting story we should have included? Let us know! Add a comment to this post with your thoughts and suggestions so that we can improve this eBook and release an updated version.

Brief History of Content Marketing eBook Cover

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