Content Marketing History in Slideshow

MarketingProfs did an excellent job transforming our recently released eBook “A Brief History of Content Marketing” into an online slideshow.

A Brief History of Content Marketing - SlideShow by MarketingProfs

It’s a quick read with nice graphics that walks you through the evolution of content marketing, from the late 1800’s to current times. Did you know that…

  • Michelin started producing free tour guides in 1900?
  • Jell-O was close to shutting down in 1904 and was saved by giving away free recipe books to housewives?
  • In the early 1990’s fax machines were touted the next big thing in automated marketing messaging?
  • The first corporate blog coming from a Fortune 500 company was Microsoft’s Channel 9, released in 2004?
  • It wasn’t until 2008 that QR Codes started being considered by US companies as major components of marketing campaigns?

Looking at past marketing success stories can give you some good ideas for your own future campaigns. I encourage you to check out the slideshow and download the eBook to learn more.


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