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Insights from the CMO Study

IBM’s recent Global CMO Study gather insights from over 1,700 CMO’s interviewed by big blue. The study is part of a wealth of resources IBM is making available to marketers in a nicely done landing page titled “From Stretched to Strengthened“.     Key Findings of the study: The most proactive CMOs are trying to […]

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Marketing Metrics

Marketing Metrics That Matter

What would you do with a 10% increase in your marketing budget? That’s an easy answer for most marketing managers strapped for resources. We could all hire more people, get the website redesigned, and finally give our Pay-Per-Click campaigns the attention they deserve. But, the most important question to ask is what profits would the […]

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Content Marketing History in Slideshow

MarketingProfs did an excellent job transforming our recently released eBook “A Brief History of Content Marketing” into an online slideshow. It’s a quick read with nice graphics that walks you through the evolution of content marketing, from the late 1800’s to current times. Did you know that… Michelin started producing free tour guides in 1900? […]

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Content Marketing History Lessons

The following story is based on The Brief History of Content Marketing eBook   How Jell-O’s Content Marketing Tactics Saved the Company In the early 1900’s, gelatin desserts were not a new invention. Housewives were already familiar with crystallized gelatin from Knox and Cox, which were first developed in 1890 by Charles Knox. The idea […]

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From Jell-O to the iPad, a history of content marketing

A Brief History of Content Marketing

The Evolution of Content Marketing What would you do if your sales were down, merchants were not interested in carrying your product and there was no Twitter, Email, or even no Internet for you to leverage? That’s the problem Frank Woodward faced back in 1904 when his Jell-O product proved to be a disastrous investment. […]

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Understanding Marketing Strategy and Tactics

For most of us who are constantly worried about the next email that will go out, the upcoming webinar presentation, or the trade show deadlines, when the talk switches to business and marketing strategy things can get confusing. Not to worry, let’s take a moment to clarify a few terms so that we can all […]

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Two Ways to Manage Marketing

The Two Ways to Manage Marketing

As we talk to marketing managers of companies ranging from a couple people doing all the marketing work to a marketing team of a couple dozen, it quickly becomes clear that there are two distinct ways in which marketing is being managed. The typical scenario is: Outlook (or other email client) open all the time […]

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Marketing Budget Benchmark

2011 Marketing Benchmark Released

Bulldog Solutions put together a nice event last week and together with IDC they announced the new results from IDC’s research on Marketing Benchmarks for 2011. What I liked about the results is that IDC grouped them into three different categories: companies with less than 10 people in their marketing staff, with 10 to 100, […]

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How to Track Marketing Tasks

Tracking Marketing Tasks “Who is doing what” and “when is that task due” are probably the two most common phrases you hear in a marketing department. Especially a few minutes before a marketing staff meeting where everyone has to discuss progress and update the marketing manager on status of campaigns. For the marketing manager, knowing […]

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Marketing’s Call for a Extension

The Growing Gorilla For a company that was unknown 5 or 6 years ago, is undoubtedly the 100K pound gorilla in the room. And with an appetite for acquiring companies (8 companies within the past 12 months), is also reaching farther onto other branches outside pure-play CRM. As the core of most sales and […]

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