Marketing Project Management House Analogy

Marketing Project Management

How to plan your marketing projects and get things done on time Over commitment is one of the deadly sins of marketing managers. When pressed to deliver more leads, or to help out with a few extra projects the reaction from senior marketing management is the typical “yes, we can do it!”.  The results, we […]

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WEbinar Planning Guide

Updated Webinar Planning Checklist

After getting some feedback from readers we decided to create another version of our original Webinar Planning and Workflow Guide, now in Excel format. This new file (free for download without registration) allows you to fully edit and customize the webinar checklist prior to printing it. The steps involved with webinar planning can vary depending […]

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The Webinar Planning and Workflow Guide

Fail to plan and you are planning to fail, goes the saying. Nothing could be closer to the truth when it comes to webinars. Simple from the audience point of view (is just an online presentation, right?) but in reality a very complex operation from an execution standpoint, you know that every detail counts when […]

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Darth Vader: Marketing Manager?

I had to do a demo once and decided to use a bit of humor. Since I was showing how Aprix Marketing Manager, ourproduct, helps marketing managers plan their campaigns and manage marketing workflow, I thought that showing how Darth Vader would manage the Empire’s marketing department would elicit a good chuckle. Since I showed that […]

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Can Marketing learn anything from sales?

Can Marketing learn anything from sales? Most people remember the late 90’s as the beginning of the end for the internet bubble and the decimation of the technology industry.  But the late 90’s also delivered one of the game changing technologies for sales people.  What’s now called CRM or customer relationship Management. The first iteration […]

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Don’t Let Marketing Predictions Kill Your Team

They are attention-grabbing and are now in every other email subject line you get. Predictions for the new year,especially marketing predictions and trends are all that is going on right now. Doing a search on I found over 100 blog posts using some kind of “top trends”, “new year predictions”, “how to.. in 2011” […]

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Why Marketing Meetings Cost So Much

… and What To Do About It The typical marketing department meets at least once a week. The team gets together, reviews the priorities for the week, the marketing manager updates everyone on upcoming deadlines, and each person may discuss an issue that has come up or ask a question about a certain deliverable. If […]

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Aprix Marketing Manager Webinar Recording

Our recent 30 minutes webinar giving you an overview of Aprix Marketing Manager is now available on-demand. It’s a quick intro to the challenges many of us marketers face and shows you how Aprix Marketing Manager can help with the planning and execution of your marketing campaigns. Watch it below, and please give us your […]

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Aprix Marketing Manager Now in Beta

We are now in Beta! This marks a milestone in the development of Aprix Marketing Manager. Our beta program is open to qualified companies and marketing professionals. The goal is to gather feedback and improve the application before we launch it for the general public. Why beta? Because we want to ensure marketing managers and […]

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Who Needs Marketing Resource Management (MRM)?

This is the official blog for Aprix Solutions, and as it is usual in first blog posts I’d like to welcome everyone who may stumble upon our pages. By starting this company we are trying to deliver a new form of Marketing Resource Management to marketing professionals across all industries. This means that our intent […]

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