The Two Ways to Manage Marketing

As we talk to marketing managers of companies ranging from a couple people doing all the marketing work to a marketing team of a couple dozen, it quickly becomes clear that there are two distinct ways in which marketing is being managed.

The typical scenario is:

  • Outlook (or other email client) open all the time
  • Excel files that the team has to constantly refer back to
  • Scattered files on the network

Want a better example of how this works and why is bad? We created a short video to illustrate this scenario. Check it out below.

We’ve all been there, with the myriad of Excel files, the endless emails and lost files… that’s why we created Aprix Marketing Manager. Our goal is simple, “simplify management, maximize marketing”!

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Daniel is the CEO and Co-Founder of Aprix Solutions. Follow him on Twitter @danielkuperman.

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